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SeacureSeacure® Testimonials

The following testimonials are from both people and pets. Seacure® works the same on humans and animals.

Seacure® Cancer Testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks on producing a great product “Seacure
®”. I have a Siberian Husky that has inflammatory bowel disease and immune mediated poly arthritis. He has been on steroids for some time which although have kept him going has had some pretty bad adverse effects. When we tried to reduce the medication his symptoms kept reappearing. I have been giving him the Seacure® for the past two months. I believe this has been the key to now being able to reduce the level of steroids he now requires. At this rate of improvement we will be drug free in less than two months. Once again thank you so much.

Received from the Whole Dog Journal:
I read your article "Securing Seacure
®" in the April issue [of the Whole Dog Journal] with great interest. Unfortunately, our 10 year old lab, Annie, was diagnosed with mast cell cancer in February. Once we received the diagnosis, we brought Annie to a specialist to see if there was any treatment available. The doctor told us that there is really no effective treatment for her type of cancer for many reasons including the stage her cancer had developed. In your article on Seacure® it was stated that Seacure® alleviates nausea and vomiting. We decided to try this product as we felt we had nothing to lose. Instead we have gained two wonderful months with very limited vomiting, and lots of energy and enthusiasm from our Annie.

I have ordered another supply from Seacure
®. This company could not be more helpful and responsive. Ordering through their 800 number is easy and the shipping is fast. I know that this is not a cure for Annie's cancer, but so far, Seacure® has improved her quality of life. Thank you for such a great article. In the past, I have purchased many of the products that you have recommended and have not been disappointed in any of them, but Secure® is the one that has really made a difference in all of our lives.
Linda K.


Quality of Life Enhancement - A true Story by JulieAnne White
I have used Seacure
® produced by Proper Nutrition since 1995. I was first introduced to Seacure® following my three abdominal surgeries as part of my reparative therapy to restore intestinal integrity and treat a condition of malabsorption. With that difficult time in my life behind me, I continue to use Seacure®, Seavive® and most recently Colostrum Vanilla Chewable tablets to enhance immune function and optimize my recovery from training on a daily basis.

Considering… I average 100 miles per week running with maximum weeks reaching 130 miles plus the addition of weight training 3 times per week and riding my bike five times per week, my recovery has not only been remarkable but brilliant.

Considering… the fact that I compete on a World Class level with over half of my large intestine removed in addition to living as an Asthmatic since the age of 12, the use of Seacure
®, Seavive® and Colostrum has allowed me to achieve continuing success despite the three very invasive surgeries.

It is no secret how my quality of life has been immensely enhanced with the use of these three natural products. However, more recently I discovered the benefits for life enhancement and extension of quality of life with my beloved Greyhound, Beaux. Beaux’s life began on the track in Mexico as a racing greyhound where he would endure cruelty and punishment if not successful in producing a string of winning performances. I rescued Beaux at the age of three and no longer would he need to cower or be fearful of his next punishment. He was a shy, timid, beautiful boy to me, even though his black coat was very dull from lack of care and improper nutrition. He was fearful of all who approached, but immediately upon our first meeting, I laid my hand on his neck bending down to look him straight in the eye. It was from that point forward in all of thirty seconds that our trusting bond began, and it would last for the next 9 1/2 years.

November 2002 Beaux was diagnosed with lymphoma, a somewhat treatable form of cancer in dogs but ultimately terminal. As with most forms of cancer, the focus was on how long he could survive and what I could do to not only prolong his life, but also enhance his quality of life post cancer therapy treatments. Beaux underwent surgery to have his left thyroid gland and several skin lesions removed. The surgery was successful and his recovery was very quick for a dog at the age of 11 years. The next treatment phase would involve 12 months of oral chemotherapy which was one large tablet given to him at the oncology clinic and a second tablet later at our home. He would have blood work on a monthly basis to check all his organ functions, in addition to blood cell count, which we closely monitored for changes in white cells. His red blood cell count was always exceptionally healthy.

While Beaux received the best medical attention, it was my desire to provide him with the best palliative home care possible. All his meals were prepared daily with fresh vegetables, grains such as brown rice, blended with a combination of ground flaxseed, kelp, yeast, desiccated liver, bee pollen, garlic, lecithin, ground borage seed, and lactobacillus acidophilus added twice daily to his meals. Baby beef liver, salmon, and sardines in olive oil along with very lean ground beef cooked would be added to the mix of grains, vegetables and flaxseed.

What was really remarkable and extremely beneficial to his home care was the use of Seacure
® capsules opened up and sprinkled over his food. Following my success with Seacure®, I decided to try it with Beaux. I continued to add Seacure® to his food twice daily, using 4-6 capsules depending upon the lab results reflecting his white blood cell count and his overall immune function results. Monthly I would visit the oncology office with Beaux and the doctors would go through the routine of a thorough examination with the outcome being quite positive for a greyhound of his age. Beaux was now 12 1/2 years old and his quality of life was enhanced and extended through the daily use of a careful diet and supplemental Seacure® for a period of 16 months post surgery and chemotherapy. This length of survival for a dog with this form of cancer was truly remarkable.

I recently lost Beaux as his lymphoma came out of remission invading his liver. Beaux entered my life peacefully on May 10th 1994 and he laid peacefully on my lap for the last time on June 10th 2003. My life was greatly enriched by his presence, with his gentle approach to life, his eventual playful manner, and his love for life itself. I know the last 16 months of his life were greatly enhanced and extended beyond the normal expectations for a dog in his situation because I choose to use Seacure
® as part of this therapy.

August 11, 1999

I wanted to write and thank you for your product Seacure
®. My uncle (Dr. Jerry K.) got me started on it because I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. My cluster symptoms include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and suppressed immunity to whatever bug is currently in the air. I also have very little in the way of stamina, and have gained significant weight as a result of being exhausted, unable to sleep, and in need of producing energy in my body. Seacure® has helped ease all my symptoms, keep me well for longer periods of time, and has improved my health and strength significantly. At the time I began taking Seacure®, I had a Jones fracture to my left metatarsal. Healing had been slow, and the doctors told me that, although I was out of the cast, it would be another six months before I was completely healed. I was advised to use it, and a cane, even though I still had a lot of pain. Within two weeks of starting to take Seacure®, I was walking without a cane and in almost no pain.

But those aren't primarily the results of Seacure
® about which I wanted to tell you. When I first started taking Seacure®, it raised some acute interest from an unexpected source: my cat Taffeta became extremely alert and wanted to sniff the capsules. For the heck of it, I put one down for her. She cracked right through the capsule to the contents, and I haven't been able to take Seacure® without sharing it ever since. She will get aggressive and stick her nose in the bottle or cry piteously if I don't get her dose out fast enough. In fact I generally give her her capsule first, so I can take mine in peace.

Here is what I've noticed since she began getting Seacure
® on a regular basis: her fur has a new thickness and sheen, even though it was thick and healthy before. She has more energy and curiosity, and her overall health (which was always good) is just that much better. She is fifteen years old, and acts like a cat half her age. She once again plays with her toys and gets into things. She plays outside now and there are less white hairs showing up in her black fur. She has been spayed for many years and I have had to be careful of her diet, as she is prone to urinary tract problems. I no longer worry constantly that she will come down with UTI, nor do I worry about it if she has a little milk or meat as a treat. Even the touch of arthritis I have noticed in her back legs seems not to bother her as much these days.

The health benefits of Seacure
® to me are very important, and I thank you and the product for the overall improvement to my health. But equally important, thank you for helping to extend the life and the quality of life of my little best friend, who has been such a source of comfort and companionship during my long illness. I just thought you might be amused to know that your most enthusiastic endorser has four legs and a tail!
Theresa K.
April 14, 2000


First, thank you again for recommending Seacure
® for my cat: he is doing great!

Second, I am going to write out the sequence of events that led up to my call to you. Please feel free to do whatever you wish with my letter, such as forwarding it on to the manufacturer of Seacure
®, Proper Nutrition, Inc.

My 6-year old male cat Boyington was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Our vet put him on Metronidazole and Prednisolone. The combination of these stabilized him. As he was coming to the end of his prescription I started to cut down his Prednisolone. He went back to “square one” after one day on ½ dosage. I put him back on full dosage. He finished his dosage of the Metronidazole but was still on the Prednisolone and after 2 days off the Metronidazole he was back to “square one” again.

Our vet recommended Tylan and I tried him on Tylan and Prednisolone but this combination did not help him at all. So, he went back on Metronidazole and Prednisolone. I knew he could not stay on Metronidazole forever so I searched the Internet for an answer. Came up with nothing and our vet was out of ideas.

A friend of mine mentioned you and that is when I called. You knew right away what he had and knew exactly what to give him. I started Boyington on the Seacure
® after taking him off the Prednisolone but still on the Metronidazole. After 4 days I took him off the Metronidazole. That was about 3 weeks ago and Boyington is back to his normal self. While on the 2 medications he was listless, depressed, had no interest in playing and slept all the time. He gained weight as the Prednisolone made his appetite ravenous. He does not have these symptoms on the Seacure®.

We only have one problem: he does not like the taste and the capsules are too big to put down his throat. I did a great deal of experimenting and finally came up with mixing the Seacure
® in with some canned tuna fish. I am not happy about giving him “human” food, as I do not know what canned tuna fish will do to him in the long run. It would be a great convenience if Proper Nutrition would make a capsule small enough to put down an animal’s throat.

That is my story and I am so grateful it has a happy ending thanks to my friend for recommending you, to you for knowing what to do for Boyington, and to Proper Nutrition for manufacturing Seacure

Diane W.


Seacure® Testimonials—Cancer

...treatment of degenerative diseases...
March 24, 1999
As you know we have been involved in the treatment of degenerative diseases through all-natural therapies for over 11 years now with varying degrees of success. If we can convince the patients to follow our protocols to the degree required, we see quite spectacular results. These include arthritis, heart disease, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer and HIV conditions. One particular result I felt worthy of passing on to you and your customers. In November of last year, a patient we had been treating for rheumatoid arthritis contacted us. He had just been diagnosed with a major cancerous tumor in his upper left lung, which from the pathology report seemed to be terminal in prognosis. The oncologist treating him (in Australia) recommended operating and removing the left lung along with an intensive program of chemotherapy and radiation. We advised him to wait and not have the operation or the chemotherapy/radiation until we could supply him with the protocol we had been testing. After much deliberation on his part he opted for proceeding with the radiation and our natural protocol. I personally flew to Australia to assist the patient at this time and had him on the Linus Pauling recommendation for intense Vitamin C therapy along with your Seacure® at 18 capsules per day. He was on radiation every day for 15 days at 20 minutes per day. After one month of the natural therapy, to his oncologist's amazement the tumor had shrunk by over 50%!!! Not only that, he had zero side effects from the intense radiation, with no hair loss or heavy fatigue which are normal (?) with radiation therapy. His energy levels are such that even though he is 78 years of age, he is jogging every morning and swimming three times a week for an hour each time and is in a highly positive state of mind.

Thank you and God bless you for your product.
Yours sincerely,
Wayne G.

...three particular experiences...
December 31,1998
I would like to share three particular experiences that I have had during my use of Seacure®.

The first is a 71-year-old male who developed ulcerative colitis in November 1997. He was started on Asacol with slight improvement, but still did not feel well. He had fatigue and continued to have difficulty gaining weight. He was then started on Seacure® 6 capsules a day and in six weeks he felt significantly better with relief of his fatigue, a gain of ten pounds and was able to discontinue his Asacol without any problem. He has remained off his Asacol and has only been on Seacure® for the last seven months. In addition his anemia was completely resolved.

The second patient is a 73-year-old white male with diabetes who presented to me with an ulcer on his left ankle in August 1998. He was sent for whirlpool treatments and various types of wound care with some improvement, but never had complete resolution. Initially he was reluctant to take supplements but finally in December he tried the Seacure® at 10 capsules a day. After one week he was re-evaluated and his chronic ulcer which had not healed in four months was almost completely healed. I was quite impressed as was the patient.

The third patient is a 44-year-old white female with breast cancer who underwent a mastectomy and implant at the same time. It was recommended that she take Seacure® along with Vitamin C and multivitamins to promote wound healing prior to surgery and while hospitalized. It was noted by the surgeons and the nurses who took care of her that her healing on the third postoperative day was significantly better than they had ever seen in any other patient undergoing the same procedure.

As I begin to gain more clinical experience with the use of Seacure®, I can see it has a place in my supplemental regimen and I anticipate that my use of Seacure® as a supplement will continue to grow.
William S., M.D.

...prostate cancer which has spread through most of his lymph nodes...
November 3, 1997
This letter is to inform you about the miraculous recovery of my husband, Evan. I guess I'll start from the beginning. Evan has prostate cancer which has spread through most of his lymph nodes and over half of his bladder. He found out about the cancer in January of 1994. He went to the doctor because of a terrible itchy skin rash which turned into blistery runny sores. The doctor gave him a blood test and the result was a PSA of 349!!! After biopsy, ultrasound and three (3) opinions, the big "C" was declared! He was told he had maybe two (2) years to live.

Since that time Evan has hemorrhaged three (3) times in the last year. The doctors inserted a catheter after the first hemorrhage last year and he's worn it ever since. The doctors were able to stop the bleeding the first two times but the last (third) one, in September of this year, would not stop, no matter what the doctors tried.

I took Evan to the emergency hospital on a Monday for hemorrhage and horrible pain caused by blood clots. They cleared up the clots which reduced the pain and bleeding but did not stop it completely. On Thursday of the same week, it happened again. This time it was so bad, I called 911 and they rushed him to emergency by ambulance. That night the doctors told him they could not stop the bleeding. When Evan asked when it would stop, they said it will stop when you die!! I was hysterical! I called you, John, an you sent me some SEACURE® by express one day mail. I followed your instructions and gave him two (2) capsules every hour around the clock. I continued this treatment for 36 hours at which time the bleeding (hemorrhage) stopped completely!!!

He continues to take two (2) capsules three times (3x) a day. If the slightest bleeding starts, we step the dosage up to two (2) capsules every 4 hours around the clock. So far this is working. We can't thank you enough for introducing SEACURE® to us!

Every day of life is extremely precious to us. So far, SEACURE® has extended Evan's life 2 1/2 months. I'm talking about quality life!
With Love and Sincere Appreciation,
Evan and Peggy H.

...fewer side-effects from the chemotherapy...
September 30, 1999
I first learned about Seacure® in September of 1991. My first impression was, how can this product help anyone. The recommended daily dose is only 3 grams of protein. I put my reservations aside, and I looked at the research on the product. I was impressed enough to give the product a try. I'm glad I did.

I have used Seacure® with many patients since then. Some of these patients were receiving chemotherapy for cancer and taking Seacure® at the same time. Most of these individuals did very well during their chemotherapy. They experienced fewer side-effects from the chemotherapy, i.e. nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite and fatigue. They were also able to complete their full course of chemotherapy. Overall, these individuals did better than I expected them to do with their chemotherapy. I strongly recommend Seacure® to anyone undergoing chemotherapy.
Dr. James H.

...help with the nausea...
February 6, 2000
In August 1999 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a mastectomy I began Chemotherapy treatment which lasted for four months. I contacted you regarding the product Seacure®, which we had seen on the Internet. The main benefit of taking Seacure® was to help with the nausea created by the Chemotherapy. I had 4 months of the treatment and the Seacure® enabled me to eat fairly normally and the nausea was largely diminished. I didn’t lose weight either. The Seacure® really did enable my stomach to work properly after the effects of the Chemo.

I have now taken Seacure® for 4 months and I am getting back to my normal health. I will always be grateful for the benefits of taking Seacure®.

I would recommend Seacure® to anyone having Chemotherapy treatment.
Yours sincerely,
Patricia L.
South Australia

...I was diagnosed with breast cancer...
March 17, 1997
In September of 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumor was already very large and had spread to the lymph nodes.

I am 52 years old and even though I had regular mammograms, the tumor had not been visible because it was sitting underneath a cyst and photographed like a cyst until finally it became so large that it was visible.

I consulted not only a surgeon and an oncologist but a naturopathic doctor and together we decided that treatment would consist of four months of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, so that the surgery would be a lumpectomy rather than a mastectomy.

I began very toxic doses of Adrimycin and Cytoxin in October of 1996. I was taking several natural supplements already and my naturopathic doctor gave me a bottle of SEACURE® to try. Unfortunately, I had my first dose of chemotherapy and didn't begin taking the SEACURE® until almost a week into treatment. The first dose of chemo caused nausea, severe vomiting, severe diarrhea, loss of energy, loss of hair and very dark circles around my eyes. By the second dose of chemo I had been taking SEACURE® (6 capsules per day) for well over three weeks. This time there was not vomiting, very little nausea, an increase in energy, the diarrhea stopped, my bowels became normal and the black circles around my eyes lightened. I continued to feel stronger and had much more energy.

I was able to continue working, my immune system was good and unlike most chemo patients, my white blood cell count stayed normal an consistent. This continued month after month with each chemo treatment. There was a two week period when I ran out of SEACURE® and I began to feel very weak and very tired and I started to feel ill. I ordered some more SEACURE® and again I bounced back to good health.

I want to personally thank the developers of SEACURE® because it has helped me through a most difficult time in my life. They will be scheduling a lumpectomy soon, followed by 5 weeks of radiation. You can bet I will continue to take SEACURE® for a very long time.
Just today, I walked 4 miles in a marathon to help raise money for the crippled children's hospital. I couldn't have done that without the help and health that SEACURE® has given me. I am going to participate in every conference or large gathering of people to tell them about the benefits of taking SEACURE®.

On April 26, 1997, I will have a table at the Breast Cancer Conference to pass out the information about your wonderful product. If people have questions about my experience, I can be reached at 1-503-254-2908.
Lana B.

...Breast Cancer, Stage II...
June 18, 1998
I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Stage II, August 1996. I opted to take 6 rounds of Chemotherapy, using Adrimycin and Cytoxin to shrink the four centimeter tumor. A Lumpectomy would follow and then seven weeks of radiation treatment.

After my second dose of Chemo, my health and vitality began to fail quickly. I was extremely fatigued, throwing up the first three days, loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc.

My Naturopathic doctor had a sample of Seacure® on his back shelf and said one day, "try this and see if it helps." My third dose of Chemo went much better. My white blood count went up and I literally breezed through it. By the fourth round, it was obvious to everyone including the Pharmacist, where I went to get chemotherapy, that everything about me was different. The Pharmacist came to my bedside while they were giving me chemo and asked why I no longer filled prescriptions for the anti-nausea drug they had. (It was useless anyway.) I told her about the Seacure®, it peaked her interest and she got together with my Oncologist to see how they could get it for other patients.

At this point, I was taking 10 Seacure® per day and I was fast approaching time for surgery. I increased to 20 Seacure® per day for 30 days before surgery and 30 days after.


I had the Lumpectomy and node dissection to my left arm. The surgery went well and within three weeks I had full use of my arm and very little scarring. I healed rapidly.
I made my doctors fully aware of the dosages of Seacure® I was taking, they had no problem with it because there were no chemicals involved, just great nutrition.

During this time there was also a notable change in my cholesterol reading which went from 285 to 160 and blood pressure readings went from 167/112 to 122/70.
A side note, most of the lines also disappeared in my face, as well as the dark circles and dry skin. This of course is the kind of side effect all women over 50 pray for.

Next, I did seven weeks of radiation and because of the scarring that I was warned would happen, I took 20 per day during this time. No scarring occurred and the radiologist was very impressed with how my vitality continued to improve.

I have been in full remission since October of 1997 and I continue to take 8 capsules of Seacure® per day. I never have a cold (except when I run out of Seacure®). I walk 3 to 5 miles per day, work 19 hours per week for a major hospital and have my own home based business, too.
My Oncologist was so impressed he helped to start a study in Oregon on Seacure®. I wish I could tell everyone who has gone through the nightmare I have about this fabulous product.

It is so much easier to fight cancer, or any disease like it, if you can keep a positive attitude and with Seacure® you feel so healthy and look great, it's easy! I will take this product until they run out of it.

Lana B.
P.S. Another great side-effect was when my hair finally came back, it was shiny, thick and curly!

All testimonials are taken from the manufacturer’s website: www.ProperNutrition.com

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