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Wendy & Little ManHealthyLife.net Presents...
Wendy's Animal Talk
with Wendy Nan Rees          

Wendy Nan Rees, author of The Natural Pet Food Cookbook, has been involved in the pet industry for more than 25 years, starting when she founded Lip Smackers, Inc., a company dedicated to creating healthy, all-natural Wendy Nan Rees & Cappydog treats. Today, Wendy has a radio show called “Wendy's Animal Talk,” which can be heard on www.HealthyLife.net. She was the "Pet Lifestyle Advisor" on Animal Planet's "Petsburgh, USA" and also wrote a monthly column called "In the Kitchen with Wendy" for Your Pet magazine. www.WendyNanRees.com.

Russell's goal is to educate people on the next holistic paradigms. Click on the buttons below to listen or read some of his radio show appearances on Wendy's Animal Talk Internet Radio. Optimum Choices is a proud sponsor of Wendy's Animal Talk, reaching over 400,000+ listeners each week (1.6 million listeners per month), helping pet guardians find a holistic way to keep their pets healthy and extend their lives to be 15-20 years old (the way pets used to live 50 years ago).

See Wendy's new book release, Dog Lover's Daily Companion, below or click on book image to the right. Dog's Lover Daily Companion
Show Titles (Dates) Show Scripts (PDF)

An Ounce of Prevention

January 15, 2008
Why take preventative measures for my two year old pet? can pets live to be 15-20 years old and still be healthy? what are the chances of my pet getting a serious disease? What role does diet play? How can I holistically prevent arthritis? How can holistic options be affordable?

Ounce of Prevention

What is Safe After the Pet Food Recall: What Pet Food Companies Do Not Want You to Know but Things You Should Know

April 8, 2008
Are commercial pet foods safe? Why have there been so many pet food recalls? What are my holistic alternatives? What are some safety guidelines for purchasing safe pet food?

What's Safe After Pet Food Recall

How to Choose a Good Holistic Supplement: Separating Facts
from Hype

July 22, 2008
How to find a good supplement? Do glucosamine supplements have side effects? Do supplements just treat the symptoms? What do I look for in a good holistic product?

Choose Good Holistic Supplement

How to Buy Fewer Supplements, Save Money & Have Your Pet Be Healthier

February 17, 2009
Can pets live to be 20 years old and still be healthy? Why using a lot of supplements is not holistic. Why supplements do not get rid of the original disease. What is the difference between a supplement and a whole food product? Why is using digestive enzymes a crutch? can my pet be healthier using fewer supplements?

Buy Fewer Supplements

Next Paradigm in Holistic Pet Care: Whole Food Products

March 17, 2009
What is a whole food product? Are whole food products better than supplements? Are whole food products potent enough to help CRF, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, IMHA and cancer? Can my pet be healthier while getting fewer supplements?

Next Paradigm in Pet Care

Reiki: What Is It and How Can It Help My Pet?

April 21, 2009
What is Reiki? Can it be used on people and pets? What happens during a Reiki treatment? How can I experience and learn Reiki? Can Reiki be done remotely? Would Reiki be good for a pet nearing the end of its life?

Reiki and My Pet

Why Fix What Isn't Broken

May 5, 2009
Use maintenance of therapeutic formula for senior CRF cat? Appalling life expectancy statistics for our pets. Why clinical signs of degenerative diseases are almost too late. Suggestions for extending the life of your pet. Preventative holistic action.

Why Fix What Isn't Broken

Safe Aromatherapy and My Pet,
Part 1

May 19, 2009
What is serious aromatherapy? What is safe aromatherapy? Why are essential oils Nature's medicine kit? How should I introduce essential oils to my pets? How can I apply essential oils on my pets? What essential oils can I use on my dog? What essential oils can I use on my cat?

Safe Aromatherapy, Pt 1 PDF

Safe Aromatherapy and My Pet,
Part 2

June 16, 2009
Are essential oils safe for my cat? What are some essential oils for repelling insects, fleas and ticks on my dog? What essential oils should I NOT use on my cats and dogs? What are hydrosols?

Safe Aromatherapy, Pt 2 PDF

Is Doggie Massage Just a Spa Thing?

July 21, 2009
Is doggie massage just a luxury? Are there scientific and biological reasons why dogs need massage more than people? Will sporting, agility and geriatric dogs all benefit from massage? How can I learn how to become a dog massage provider?

Doggie Massage PDF

Not Another Supplement?
New Holistic Paradigms!

August 18, 2009
Why 90-95% of today's supplements are not holistic. Why supplements rarely "fix" the symptoms. How can I tell if my supplement is holistic? Do most supplements have side effects?

New Holistic Paradigms PDF

Revelations from the Vet Conference

September 29, 2009
Ah-hah moments as vets discovery a new holistic paradigm by stopping supplement usage, saving their clients money and making the pets healthier.

Revelations from Vet Conference

Not Another Supplement? New Holistic Paradigms! Part II

October 20, 2009
How can I tell if my supplement is only addressing the symptoms? What is the unintended dosage deception? How can I compare supplements and whole food products?

NOT Another Supplement, Part 2

It Tests Bad: Allopathic Testing Versus Holistic Results

November 17, 2009
Why almost all testing methods are allopathic. Fallacy of blood tests. What practitioner possibilities can effect the tests.

It Tests Bad

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Part 1:
Holistic Case Study

December 15, 2009
Why do so many pets have IBD? What are some possible causes? Possible permanent solutions.

IBD, Part 1

Holistically Recover from Injuries and Surgeries

February 16, 2010
How microalage provide super nutrients to recover from injuries and surgeries.

Recover from Injuries and Surgeries

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Part 2:
Scientific Evidence

March 16, 2010
Why do so many pets have IBD? What are some possible causes? Scientific evidence on the possible causes and solutions.

IBD, Part 2

How to Avoid Common Health Problems in Senior Cats

April 20, 2010
Want to avoid Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), obesity, diabetes, thyroid imbalance and cancer in your senior cat?

Health Problems in Senior Cats

How to Avoid Common Health Problems in Senior Dogs

May 18, 2010
Want to avoid obesity, arhtritis, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune disease in your senior dog?

Health Problems in Senior Dogs

Holistic Misconceptions

July 20, 2010
Dry kibble clean our pet's teeth. Flaxseed a good source of Omega oils for our pets. Do not give algae to a pet with an auto-immune condition. Are these truths or myths? The answers may surprise you.

Holistic Misconceptions

How Global Warming May Affect Our Pets

August 17, 2010
A holistic perspective of global warming ramifications and how they may affect our pets.

Global Warming Affects Our Pets

Lumps, Bumps, Tumors and Teeth

September 21, 2010
What do lumps, bumps, lipomas, fatty tumors and teeth all have in common? What causes lipomas? How can I eliminate lipomas?

Lumps, Bumps, Tumors and Teeth

Choosing a Holistic Practitioner

November 2, 2010
Guidelines for choosing a good holistic practitioner that meets all your and your pet's holistic needs.

Choosing Holistic Practitioner

NEW Book Release!
(August 2009)

Dog Lover's Daily CompanionDog Lover’s Daily Companion
an inspiring guide and handy reference
for every dog owner

In the Dog Lover’s Daily Companion, Pet Lifestyle Advisor™ Wendy Nan Rees shares her invaluable knowledge gleaned from over 25 years in the pet industry. This unique, irreplaceable, easy-to-use—and inspiring—handbook is filled with 365 helpful tips, easy-to-build projects, practical advice, and insight into the canine-human relationship. Dog Lover’s Daily Companion provides a lifetime’s worth of practical tips for living with your dog, no matter the breed. Wendy brings her expertise, and genuine love for dogs, to every topic under the sun needed to raise a healthy puppy into a happy adult dog. Using the 365-day-of-the-year “devotional” style format popular today, it is the perfect reference for all dog owners to use every day of the year in the day-to-day life of owning and living with a dog.

Optimum Choices was used as a holistic nutritional resource for Wendy's new book. Read Wendy's acknowledgement at: Personal Note from Author Wendy Nan Rees




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