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BioSuperfood (BSF) and BioPreparation (BP) Ingredients

All BioSuperfood and BioPreparation formulas contain the four micro algae Spirulina pacifica, Spirulina platensis, Dunaliella salina and astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis and absolutely nothing else. No binders or fillers to hinder digestion or absorption. These earth’s best algae are selected among 25,000 different species for their superior quality and nutritional content. Furthermore they are harvested hydroponically to deliver their highest potential, balance and synergy. Since BSF/BP contain over 5,000 individual nutrients we can only list the important ones below :

  • All known vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 (including human-active B12 and Inositol), C,
    E & K
  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFA): the “good fats that heal” rich in Omega 3, 6, 9, ALAs (Alpha-Linolenic Acids), DGLA (Dihomogamma-Linolenic  Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), and rare GLA (its high gamma linoleic acid content is similar to early mother's milk) and more fatty acids
  • All known essential amino acids plus ten additional non-essential amino acids (Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Valine, Alanine, Tryptophan, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine, Proline, Serine, Tyrosine)
  • All known minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, iridium, iron, iodine, potassium, manganese, phosphorous, chloride, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, etc. — calcium utilization at over 80%
  • Over 92 colloidal essential and natural trace elements like iron (Fe), iodine (I), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), cobalt (Co), molybdenum (Mo), selenium (Se), chromium (Cr), tin (Sn), vanadium (V), fluorine (F), silicon (Si) and nickel (Ni)
  • Phytonutrients - Highly evolved nature’s special forces like phycocyanin, quercitin, lycopene and others which enhance a multitude of unique health agents like calcium spirulan which inhibits AID’s virus and cancerous cells*
  • More than 4,000 natural active food enzymes that contribute to the efficient digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, permitting greater assimilation of nutrients and total elimination of toxins
  • One of the richest sources of chlorophyll, with high levels of magnesium and calcium spirulan well-known agents for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits*
  • Astaxanthin and Dunaliella contain high levels of alpha-carotene, including cryptoxanthin and beta-carotene that offers powerful immunity and toxin shield against continuous pollution, toxins and stress with hundreds of times the antioxidants power of vitamin E and C, and up to 40 times that of beta carotene in carrots*
  • Polysaccharides
  • Nucleic acids (RNA & DNA)
  • Chlorophyll with extraordinary calcium spirulan
  • Plus 900 more ingredients too numerous to list
  • Certified herbicide, pesticide and preservative free
  • Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Gelatin, Water and Glycerin

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

Click here to download a PDF with the ingredients.

Supplements versus Whole Food Products

BioPreparation and BioSuperfood are NOT supplements. Whole food benefits are not measured in milligrams or IU of individual nutrients like supplements are. To learn what the difference is click this link, NOT Another Supplement or button below.

NOT Another Supplement

Dosages versus Results

There are over 5,000 individual nutrients in BSF/BP, far too many to print. Be aware, though, that BSF/BP are whole food products (algae is a whole food native to all people's and animal's diet) and therefore, not a supplement, so one cannot compare dosages in milligrams of nutrients from BSF/BP to a supplement in measuring its effectiveness or comparing therapeutic value (read Whole Food Nutrition). Consider these two examples.

Back in the 18th century, European travelers were crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. They discovered if they drank fresh lime juice they did not get scurvy (a Vitamin C deficiency resulting in weakness and joint pain, internal hemorrhages causing black-and-blue marks to appear on the skin, gums hemorrhaging and becoming weak and spongy, teeth root break down where teeth loosen and eating becomes difficult and painful). That's why British sailors were called limeys. It wasn’t until the 20th century, that scientists finally isolated the beneficial nutrient in citrus fruits as vitamin C. What is not commonly known is by taking isolated Vitamin C in the form of an ascorbic acid supplement, one only gets rid of the symptoms of scurvy. When the ascorbic acid supplement is discontinued the symptoms and disease returns. However, if one gets Vitamin C made from an extract of whole green peppers, not only do the symptoms disappear but the scurvy is gone when discontinued. Vitamin C in the form of a whole food product contains rutin, bioflavonoids, Vitamin E, selenium and zinc that Nature dictated is needed for Vitamin C to work optimally in our body. All these complementary compounds are present in whole food sources of Vitamin C (e.g., green peppers, oranges, rose hips, acerola cherries, algae). By eating only an isolated supplement with just ascorbic acid or by juicing an orange and throwing away the pulp and peel, one is missing all the above necessary compounds. I have proven this to myself by taking a time-released, megadose=2,000 mg Vitamin C tablet and a whole food Vitamin C made from rose hips and acerola cherries (Vitamin C=250 mg) to my chiropractor when I had a cold or flu. Through nutritional testing, the chiropractor determined the 2,000 mg supplement would help me recovery from the cold or flu but the 250 mg whole food tablet would do just as well or better. So, a Vitamin C supplement of 2,000 mg is not necessarily better than a whole food product containing 250 mg of Vitamin C.

Consider this evaluation regarding calcium for osteoporosis. Is an isolated supplement containing 1000 mg of calcium better than a whole food product containing only 300 mg of calcium? Research shows that an isolated calcium supplement has an absorption ratio of 18-23% while the 300 mg whole food product (containing minerals such as magnesium, vitamins such as Vitamin D, enzymes and amino acids Nature dictated are needed to make calcium work) has a utilization ratio of 90-95% calcium. So, if 1,000 mg X 23% = 230 mg absorbed while 300 mg X 95% = 285 mg utilized, which product is better? Another factor is that BioSuperfood facilitates a 90-95% calcium absorption rate for dietary calcium (calcium from your food). So, one will utilize even more calcium from the food you eat in addition to the 285 mg calcium supplied by the whole food product itself. Then end result is a net calcium effect in the body greater than the 230 mg absorbed from just an isolated supplement.

As you can see, the concept of comparing the effectiveness and therapeutic value of whole food products is entirely different than isolated supplements. We  measure a product's value by the bioavailability, usability of nutrients and by its holistic results all of which are not measured in milligrams or IU. BSF/BP are truly a revolutionary holistic product in a capsule. Please let us know if you have any more questions regarding BioSuperfood/BioPreparation ingredients.


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