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NingXia RedTM Testimonials

  • RJL-Russell Louie, age 50After four days at the Young Living convention, I was falling asleep during the morning lectures. I took a one ounce shot of NingXia RedTM juice and was able to stay awake the rest of the day without the afternoon slump.—R.J.L.

  • Snacking on dried wolfberries helped me stay alert and awake during the tiring 9-hour drive from Salt Lake City to Denver. —RJL

  • I eat a teaspoon of the dried wolfberries after each meal which greatly helps my acid reflux condition (GERD).—R.J.L.

  • I am writing this statement as a testimony to the effectiveness of NingXia RedTM.  I have taken it for about 4 months now and have really noticed a difference in my health.  I am a special education teacher working with children of severe GJ-Ginger & Hubiecognitive and medical challenges.  My room has been described among other things, as a “cesspool” of infection.  We have had strep, colds, sinus infections, influenza, stomach flues, pink eye, and the latest being hand, foot, and mouth disease.  There are 5 other adults besides myself, who work with our 7 students on a daily basis.  Every child and every adult except me have become ill at one time or another during the 4 months I have taken the NingXia RedTM.  I credit good health to the NingXia RedTM.  I must admit that there have been times when I have felt a little “tickle” in my throat or a slight sniffle.  When this has happened, I just increase my intake of the NingXia Red for a day or two.  It seems to fight off anything I have been exposed to.  I highly recommend NingXia RedTM for anyone who works closely with children.  It is by far the best holistic product I have taken and the results are amazing.—G.J.

  • I have pain every time I walk. My legs hurt from the bottom of my feet to my waist. I must sit down for at least 2–5 minutes in between walks because it hurts too much to immediately walk again. I drank a one ounce sample of your NingXia Red juice infusion and then sat down for a couple of hours. My wife asked me to get her something from the kitchen, so I got up from the bedroom and walked the 45 feet to the kitchen. I have a stool in the kitchen that I have to sit down on to rest before making the return trip to the bedroom. This time, after I finished fixing something for my wife, I walked straight back to the bedroom and was not hurting. After immediately walking around again, I realized when I got back this is the first time I have been able to get up and walk on consecutive occasions without having to rest at least 2-5 minutes in between because of the terrible pain. The effects of your one ounce sample of NingXia Red lasted for about 1 hour afterwards. I signed up as a distributor because I want to keep those NingXia Red bottles coming so I can walk pain-free again.—R. H.

NingXia RedTM has nutritionally helped people with such health challenges as asthma, allergies, liver problems, kidney disease, stomach illness, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia and poor eyesight. The super nutrition can help prevent degenerative diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and cancer and promotes longevity.

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) doesn't provide all the nutrients we need; therefore, we are aging faster,NingXia Red overweight and fatigued all the time. If you really want to make a change in your life, try NingXia RedTM. Bring holistic wellness to your body with just one ounce per day of this revolutionary whole food product. Young Living’s suggested daily maintenance dosage of one ounce of NingXia RedTM juice is nutritionally equivalent to two pounds of wolfberries.

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For more information on this ancient Chinese secret or to purchase at wholesale, contact our NingXia Red expert and business partner, J.R. Roessl:

  1. E-mail her at J.R. Roessl.

  2. Call 917-861-5247, and tell her Optimum Choices sent you.

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