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What is LIVE HolistiChat

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Because our clients get results when doctors and vets have given up, there is a high demand for our world-class holistic products and “wholistic” expertise and re-education. To keep your Internet mail-order prices low, Optimum Choices is an Internet-only company much like Amazon and PayPal. Amazon and PayPal that do not accept telephone calls for routine orders. Just like Amazon and PayPal, we rely on the efficiencies of the Internet (website, shopping cart, online HolistiChat support, e-mail) for most communications. We do not have a telephone staff available 12 hours a day in order to keep your low mail order prices. Please use the above Internet resources (green buttons) for faster answers.

Support Options:

  1. If you are purchasing BioPreparation, BioSuperfood  or Cellular PSP, then take advantage of our Mini-Consult with Product Purchase at a reduced consultation rate. Click on the appropriate [Buy Now] buttons beside your product purchase in our shopping cart. These consults are meant to give you short nutritional suggestions based on personal data entered in our shopping cart on how to maximize your benefits from these revolutionary holistic products.
  2. If you have an urgent need for an answer, purchase a full Holistic Consultation below. Our holistic suggestions are based on the brief data (name, age, weight, health challenge/symptom) you entered into the Information box in our shopping cart compared to our client database. The results of your consult will be sent in a subsequent shipping confirmation e-mail before your order is shipped. We will make absolutely sure you have purchased the correct product/formula and you know how to start your holistic journey towards Freedom From Illness.
    Holistic Consultations
  3. Another holistic coaching option is our Freedom From Illness Pay-It-Forward Plan.

"Wholistic" consulting value

Video- Value of
"wholistic" consulting

Together with Optimum Choices revolutionary "wholistic" products and Russell's unique WIDR consulting technique we are getting results where others have not. In some cases, results are achieved when no medical or veterinary diagnosis can be made (see Saved Lives). To meet the incredible demand for our products and consulting services, orders and information requests are handled in the following order:

  1. Emergency overnight and expedited orders.

  2. Information requests with life critical or severe debilitating symptoms.

  3. Internet-placed orders.

  4. Internet-placed information requests.

  5. Telephone-placed orders.

  6. Telephone-placed information requests.

We are so busy, some days we never progress beyond #1-3 above. Please choose the process above which best meets your individual needs.

Freedom From Illness introduction

Russell's video introduces
Freedom From Illness








General Information: info@OptimumChoices.com
Russell Louie: Russell@OptimumChoices.com
Margaret Auld-Louie: Margaret@OptimumChoices.com

Russell & Margaret in Maui (2002)

  Russell & Margaret in
Maui (2002)

Holistic Gateway to Freedom From Illness

Click video for holistic gateway to
Freedom From Illness.


866-305-2306 (toll-free)
Normal office hours are 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Mountain Time (U.S.), Monday-Friday.
If you would like a return call outside those hours, please specify what days and
times are best.

Street Address (call first for appointment):

We are an Internet-only company and do not offer local pick up of products (except for emergencies).

416 Plateau Pkwy.
Golden, CO 80403-1533


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