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August 2003

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Oil of the Month
Nature's Variety Pet Food Now Available
Supplements: Quality vs. Price
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Oil of the Month

Highest Potential Essential Oil Blend (Code #3355)

Highest Potential is an inspiring fusion of the essential oil blend Australian Blue (a blend of blue cypress, ylang ylang , cedarwood, blue tansy, and white fir), Gathering essential oil blend (lavender, galbanum, frankincense, geranium, sandalwood, ylang ylang, spruce, cinnamon and rose), jasmine and ylang ylang.

Body System Supported

Possible sun/skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor ’s care, consult your physician.

Have you ever tried to change jobs or careers unsuccessfully? Are you struggling to start your own business? Have you tried several diets and failed or repeated past relationship patterns? The common factor in all of these circumstance is fear, doubt and a lack of self-confidence. This new oil blend addresses all the above frustrations by tapping into your deepest yearnings, focusing your profound
energies you may not even be aware of and helping you surmount what once seemed impossible. There is a shining sword of possibilities waiting to be plucked from the granite stone of doubt.

When applying this oil to the temples, forehead and back of the neck you may experience a feeling of warmth and an opening in the center of your head for new found energies. This warmth is the opposite of the cold one feels when one is fearful or afraid (e.g., cold feet). Don't let your hidden fears or past experiences control your future. Take control of your destiny by activating your "Highest Potential" with this new oil blend from Young Living Essential Oils.

Here are some links to other new products released by Young Living Essential Oils in July:

To order Highest Potential blend online, go to our online Young Living site.

Nature's Variety Pet Food Now Available

In our continuing effort to provide you the best in healthy products for pets, we are now offering online ordering of Nature's Variety Prairie pet food on our site. See http://www.optimumchoices.com/Natures_Variety.htm for more details. Since our other brand, Prosperous Pet Products (PPP) no longer offers a cat food and its selections include only kibble, we have added Nature's Variety Prairie to our offerings. Nature's Variety offers frozen raw, freeze-dried raw, canned and kibble for both dogs and cats. We personally use Nature's Variety frozen and freeze-dried raw and canned with our dog. The freeze-dried raw can be broken into pieces to make delicious, healthy training treats.

As we explained in our May newsletter (http://www.optimumchoices.com/may_2003.htm),
the best possible diet for dogs and cats is a homemade raw diet. If you don't have time to make that, then a pre-made raw diet is the next best choice. If you can't afford that or your pet doesn't do well on 100% raw food (which may happen if they have been on cooked and processed food all their life), then a canned food with added enzymes is next best. We realize that some people prefer the convenience of kibble so we also offer the best available kibbles from PPP and Nature's Variety.

If you would like to buy Nature's Variety at your local pet store rather than over the Internet, see http://www.naturesvariety.com/buy/ for locations of stores in your area. We are not able to stock it since we would have to order it by the truckload. Therefore, we offer online ordering of it on our website in affiliation with SitStay.com at http://www.optimumchoices.com/Natures_Variety.htm.

Supplements: Quality vs. Price

“You get what you pay for.” Is the expensive product better than the cheaper one? Our observations follow from 20+ years in the holistic health field, using this scenario: the local store sells two brands of the same quantity and dosage of Vitamin Z for $10 and $18, and your healthcare practitioner or a distributor sells a third proprietary brand for $30.

The differences between the products could include the following:

  • The $10 brand probably does not contain all-natural ingredients (certainly not all organic), probably has more filler and has not done extensive testing on their formula (often copying others). The supplement could be produced in a hard tablet that is hard to digest and might just pass straight through you, rather than being absorbed.

  • The $18 brand's company probably performs quality control, uses all-natural, organic ingredients, has done research on the bio-availability of their formula, and sometimes contains synergistic ingredients that make their formula more powerful. The product is more likely produced in a gelatin capsule that is easily dissolved in the digestive system and doesn't require all the filler ingredients in tablets.

  • The $30 brand's company probably uses a proprietary method in manufacturing to create a higher-quality product, the ingredients are top-notch and usually include synergistic ingredients, they have done laboratory and/or clinical testing and do not sell their brand through retail stores but only through qualified practitioners or educated distributors.

On the other hand, the higher prices might not be due to higher quality:

  • The $10 brand could use all organic ingredients but they buy in large quantities or grow their own raw materials to keep their price low.

  • Perhaps the $18 company uses fillers but marks the price up because of brand name and advertising costs.

  • The $30 proprietary brand might be marketed at a higher price due to a desire for higher profit for the company, practitioners and/or distributors.

So, which brand do you buy? Here are our recommendations on what to look for:

  • All organic ingredients, good quality control and field testing.

  • A company that stands behind their product and has a “no questions asked” refund policy.

  • A proprietary formula or manufacturing process that produces a higher
    quality product and better results justifies a higher price.

  • Supplements in gelatin capsules, loose powder or tablets that are soft
    enough to chew up.

Don’t pay a higher price for expensive advertising, brand name marketing or higher profits unless the product’s results justify the cost. Some higher priced products do produce amazing results due to their outstanding quality and the research behind them. Higher quality ingredients mean better results and are safer. For example, green food supplements, such as spirulina, easily pick up heavy metals. Be sure to buy the higher priced spirulina from a company that grows it under clean conditions and tests for purity.

Remember, everyone’s health needs are different and everyone has a different budget. What works for one person may not produce results in another. Find the price level that fits your comfort zone with the brand that produces the desired results. If your healing process is continuing using the $10 brand, then go for it. If you have gotten absolutely no results from the $10 or $18 brand, then you might consider trying the proprietary $30 brand before concluding the supplement doesn’t work.

Optimum Choices offers whole food supplements that we feel are the best on the market in quality, results and safety. For more information, see: http://www.optimumchoices.com/Supplements.htm.

Upcoming Classes

These classes are all taught in the Denver metro area by Russell Louie:

Beyond Aromatherapy — The Wonderful World of Essential Oils

Saturday, September 20, 3:00-6:00 PM $20 through Sept. 13 ($25 after)
Saturday, November 22, 12:00-3:00 PM $20 through Nov. 15 ($25 after)
Journey Books & Gifts, Lakewood, CO

Essential oils have been around since the beginning of recorded history. Ancient Egyptians used essential oils for medicinal purposes and to cleanse the emotional body. Come join us as we rediscover the therapeutic value of essential oils. The class will include hands on use of oils for physical conditions, emotional release and clearing mental blocks for a fully integrated mind, body and spirit.

Call Journey Books at 303-239-0382 to register.

Living the Ancient Tao in a Modern World

Sun, Sept 28, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Journey Books & Gifts, Lakewood, CO

Could you be good at playing tennis without ever using a backhand stroke? Would you like to have double the amount of options in figuring out a problem at work? Would you like to go through life without ever being disappointed? Answers to these questions can be found in this ancient Eastern philosophy of life. Students will be introduced to the Tao with a comparison between today’s modern Western ways of life. Readings will be done from the Tao Te Ching. Emphasis will be on how to make this ancient Taoist knowledge practical in every day life including the corporate world. Come discover the Universal Truths inherent in all religions and spiritual practices. Come learn the basis for most metaphysical principles and see how the new age thought is not so “new.”

Call Journey Books at 303-239-0382 to register.

Tao Discussion Group

Monday, July 7, August 4, Sept 8, 7:00–9:00 PM
Metaphysical Bookstore & Center, 2178 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, $7

Taoism is a way of life. Taoism teaches us to live in harmony with Universal laws and go with the flow of the Universe. Come with your questions and discuss how you can practice this simple philosophy in your personal and professional lives. More information at www.SpiritFire.com.

Call Russell at 303-271-1649 to register or for more information or see http://www.optimumchoices.com/classes.htm.

Book of the Month

This month we feature a book on how to use hydrosols, which are a by-product of essential oil distillation. When the steam with the essential oil molecules rises, it cools by flowing down a tube that drains into a bucket of purified water. After the essential oils are skimmed off, the remaining purified water is called a hydrosol of the essential oil (e.g., lavender hydrosol or lavender floral water). The monoterpene alcohol compounds have an affinity for water, while the phenols and ketones do not appear in hydrosols but are skimmed off with the essential oils. This makes hydrosols much safer for use on cats, birds and smaller pets. There are no known case histories of hydrosols or monoterpene alcohols causing toxicity in cats. Hydrosols of chamomile and a combination of rose, lavender, geranium and neroli are known to have a claming effect on cats. Wounds can be cleaned with diluted lavender, rose, geranium, and chamomile oil or their hydrosols. Itching can be alleviated using witch hazel, rose, lavender or German chamomile.

The best recommendation for birds is to use hydrosols only and in highly diluted form in the bird’s water like a homeopathic remedy. Suzanne Catty’s book Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy has some excellent recipes for common bird ailments. Most of them call for using 2–4 drops of a hydrosol in a bowl of fresh water for the bird.

Hydrosols are best suited for animal use because of their gentler qualities than essential oils but are also excellent for human use too (e.g., children and babies). Optimum Choices offers the Essential Waters (hydrosols) carried by Young Living which includes Idaho Tansy, Melissa and Peppermint.

For a free research report on the safe use of essential oils on pets e-mail your request to Russell@OptimumChoices.com. To purchase this book online, click on the book picture above.

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