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Our Current Household of Pets

Click button to view videos of our pets,
including Cajun playing with the new
catnip birdie:
Videos of our pets




Mikki in black cat costume

Mikki thinks this water-filled pillow is a Chihuahua waterbed

Mikki holding down dish to keep it from moving

Mikki in black cat Halloween costume

Mikki-Sept 18, 2009 Calendar pose

Mikki begging

Mikki on Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake Prairie Dog pose Mikki with Santa

Cajun on top of Mikki

Cajun & Mikki

Cajun & Iris

Top cat Sunning in peaceful coexistence

Penthouse vs. Motel 6 accommodations

Cajun & Iris Iris

Simba with an attitude

Cajun trying to get Iris to play

Iris is our quiet girl

Meow, play with me!

Simba & Iris Feeding time at the zoo Simba aka "Printer cat"

Simba cuddling up to Iris

What's for dinner? Simba sleeping on printer
Cajun & Simba wrestling Cajun & Simba wrestling Cajun & Simba wrestling
Cajun & Simba wrestling Click here to see video of wrestling

Click here to see video of wrestling


Mikki was adopted 4/11/03 from Table Mountain Animal Center, the local animal shelter. She is a 11 lb. Chihuahua mix, about 11 years old as of 2009. Our cat Connie was afraid of dogs so we acquired a cat-sized dog that would be less threatening. Mikki ignores cats so after about a month, Connie got used to her. Mikki is a very sweet, affectionate dog with us though not friendly with strangers or small kids, like most Chihuahuas. Also like most Chihuahuas, she crawls underneath the covers to sleep, not on top. In fact, she loves us to raise the covers so she can go underneath and plop down in a perfect spot. We don't know why she doesn't suffocate but that doesn't seem to be a hazard for Chihuahuas.


Mikki is very bright and active and went to agility class until she got bored with it. She is a "four on the floor" dog—that is, she would rather walk around like a dog than be carried like a toy. She doesn't even like to be in a backpack when I bicycle unless I run her for several miles first to get her worn out. It is difficult to imagine how she became a stray and ended up at the shelter. We got her from the Table Mountain Animal Center in Golden and encourage anyone looking to adopt a pet to visit their local animal shelter (and not a pet store, which typically get their pets from "puppy mills").


We feed Mikki numerous brands of premade frozen raw food. We give her meat-based rather than grain-based treats, like meat jerkies from the natural pet food store, as well as Active Care Joint Treat Chews, to help prevent arthritis. We give Mikki BioPreparation formula F-2+ to help her fully absorb the nutrients in her food and prevent her from developing the degenerative diseases that plague so many dogs, like cancer. Like many toy dogs, she is prone to bad teeth so we have her teeth cleaned frequently by Cindy Lloyd of Natural Pet, who offers anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.


Cajun & Iris

We adopted Cajun and Iris in August 2007 from the Misha May Foundation. Cajun was a Hurricane Katrina rescue in September 2005 when he was 6 months old. He was adopted and went to live with Iris who was 3 years old, but then in July 2006 they both lost their home. Click here to read their story.



We adopted Simba in November 2008 at the age of 8 months from the Cat Care Society to be a playmate for Cajun. He is so young and lively that Cajun fights as often as he plays with him. Simba also drives us crazy at times--we're not used to having such a young, boisterous animal around after years of elderly cats. Everything you have heard about orange cats is true--they are wild and crazy! Apparently the white in Cajun tempers his orange cat craziness.



Videos of our Pets
(Videos are in Windows Media format. Click on picture to start playing.)
Cajun & Simba playing

Cajun & Simba playing

Cajun & Simba wrestling

Cajun & Simba wrestling

Cajun & Simba boxing

Cajun & Simba boxing

Cajun playing with catnip birdie

Cajun playing with catnip birdie

Cajun chasing catnip birdie

Cajun chasing catnip birdie

Margaret & Mikki after vacation
Mikki ecstatic to see us after our vacation



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