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BioSuperfood/BioPreparation Helped My Pet’s End of Life Experience

'King' Connie Cat_062005A Tribute to Connie Cat

After our first two cats died of kidney disease or Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) at age 17, we learned that grains are not appropriate for carnivores (meat-eating animals needing 65-90% meat). Dry kibble must contain grains or other carbohydrates to hold it together. Cheaper brands are less than 30%, while most premium brands contain 50% meat at best. Recently, some new brands claim to have 80-90% meat and be grain-free but they still use a starch to hold it together (potato or tapioca) and cause dehydration since they are high protein/low moisture. Upon learning that, we transitioned our remaining cat, Connie, to a grain-free canned and raw food diet. It took us over 1 year but at age 15, we felt it’s never too late. With the raw food diet and the help of a holistic product called BioPreparation (to normalize her hypothyroid condition), we got Connie reduced from an obese 16 to 12 lbs. Vets were amazed that we could transition a senior cat to raw food and get her to lose 4 lbs. (25% of her weight). Our patience paid off.


Boy, this kibble is good! What's for dessert?

Unfortunately, it was too late. At age 19, she howled in pain when she exited the litter box or when we picked her up. She had developed severe osteoarthritis in her knee from carrying all that extra weight. (For a detailed list of arthritis options we tried, click here.) Since her blood work (especially kidney and thyroid values) was excellent, the vet recommended we try Metacam©. While most cats do fine, some (33% according to FDA report) get acute renal failure. Connie was in that group. Four days and $2,100 later, we brought Connie home from the hospital with damaged kidneys.


A slimmer Connie (12 lbs.)

By now, Connie was hyperthyroid and had CRF. We declined the radioactive iodine treatment and Tapazole© drug recommended for hyperthyroid. Instead, we continued BioPreparation and added several supplements and homeopaths to normalize her thyroid. We also gave her subcutaneous fluids. We tried Buprenorphine© and Tramadol© drugs for her arthritis pain, but they made her constipated and she stopped eating. We decided no more drugs and continued BioPreparation to reduce any inflammation and pain and started acupuncture from Canyon Animal Hospital in Golden. This seemed to reduce the pain adequately and whenever Connie howled we promptly did Reiki on her rear legs and she seemed to enjoy that.

Connie_031903 Connie_122305
Connie in HER chair Do I look like a reindeer? Get this Christmas collar off me!

At the end of June, Connie’s appetite dramatically decreased and she stopped accepting food with any supplements. So, we decided to feed her food straight and mix the BioPreparation algae powder in water and squirt it in her mouth. This perked up her appetite and she was happily eating again, although getting pretty finicky about what flavors we fed her (typical for CRF cats).

Connie & Mikki_070203 Connie & Mikki_071804
Connie next to 'Mikki' lump I used to have this bed all to myself

At the end of July, at 20+ years old, Connie stopped eating again. Within 24 hours she started vomiting clear liquids. I spent 10 minutes every 2 hours petting and combing her as I checked up on her. That night we put Connie on the bed as she customarily slept between us as ‘top’ cat of the household. Mikki, our Chihuahua, sleeps under the covers. Around midnight, Connie started to gasp for air and vomit clear liquids again, so we put her back on the floor in her bed. Her breathing became labored, so I cradled her head in my hand and administered Reiki with my other hand while petting her. Although she had been howling some earlier in the evening, she was now calm and quiet except for periodic labored breathing and passed peacefully at 3 am, exhibiting minimal discomfort. Every animal guardian whose pet has been on BioPreparation and passed away has told us the same story. They thought their pet was in less pain, had minimal suffering and when it was time for the end of their life it seems the animal's body just shut down naturally. It all happens very quickly within 24-48 hours. The animal stops eating, then stops drinking, then soaks up all the TLC you give it before it passes over. Some animals even pass over to the Rainbow Bridge in their sleep. Even if BioPreparation didn't “cure” them, this gift we give them at the end of their life is equal to the unconditional love they gave us during their lifetime. This could be one of the wonderful unadvertised “side-effects” of BioPreparation.

Connie_0506 Connie_010607
Connie in her bed Connie in her 'heated' cave
'King' Connie Cat, 1987? - July 28, 2007

Connie taught us a lot—it is never too late to feed a healthy diet. The money you save on cheaper food when pets are young will be spent on medical bills when they get older. She allowed us to ‘experiment’ with many holistic products and treatments as we tried to make her comfortable in her old age. I wanted to avoid Connie dying in unfamiliar surroundings, with strange noises and a stranger's scent as her last remembrances. I hope my gift to her was equal to the unconditional love she gave us.

Margaret Auld-Louie and Russell Louie have over 75+ years of combined holistic experience. You can reach them at info@OptimumChoices.com or call 303-271-1649 or 866-305-2306 toll-free.


Here is another testimonial from a customer whose dog had TWO terminal illnesses and was described by strangers as a 'puppy' because of his bright eyes and glowing, shiny coat right up until the time he passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

I used BioPreparation on my last dog, Frank, when he was diagnosed with TWO terminal illness's. During the final week of his life, strangers on two separate occasions stopped me while we were out to ask how old my 'puppy' was! He was 14! He was also being treated with several other holistic remedies as well as getting other alternative care, so I was hard pressed to say which method was responsible for his bright eyes and glowing, shiny coat... I have to say that BioPreparation was definitely a factor!



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How did BioPreparation do this? It didn’t. BioPreparation simply supplied the body with the super nutrients of Vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E and F, Omega 3, 6, 9 and GLAs (gamma linolenic acid found in mother’s milk), over 4,000 enzymes, 20 amino acids, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, all known trace minerals and elements and thousands of other nutrients so the body could take charge and guide the natural process of death holistically. BioPreparation gives back to the animals the nutrition they would get in the wild naturally from algae. By providing this cellular fuel and holistically balanced the animal’s body the life process could resume, even if this process was the end of life. Algae are native to all animals’ diets so their bodies and cell’s DNA know what to do with it and put it to work immediately without having to break down binders and fillers like supplements. BioPreparation is such a revolutionary product (concept) it is 100 years ahead of its time. Now that’s true holistic wellness!

These results are individual testimonials. We cannot guarantee your animal’s results will be the same. Since each animal’s body responds differently to the super nutrition in BioSuperfood/BioPreparation your results will be different. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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