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October 2013, News from Optimum Choices, LLC
Welcome to the monthly Freedom From Illness e-newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. This newsletter is sent to the friends of Russell & Margaret, customers of Optimum Choices, as well as people who signed up for a drawing at our booth at a fair or event. If you wish to unsubscribe, see the bottom of this e-mail for instructions. To receive this newsletter in your e-mail, click here: Subscribe Newsletter.


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Open Letter from the Owner
Beginnings of Holistic Pet Movement
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October Sale

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Current News

Because of the amazing demand for our "wholistic" consulting and revolutionary products, we have to limit every inquiry (e-mail and telephone) to 15 minutes in order to help all those in need. After the first 15 minutes we charge our normal consulting fee. Please make use of all the free resources available 24 hours/day, by clicking on the buttons in the left-hand menu of every product page. Thank you in advance.

Open Letter from the Owner:

Russell Louie at workMany of our clients have experienced the following over the last 12 months:

  1. Late or missing orders

  2. Late or never answered e-mails and voicemails

  3. Lack of the superior customer service Optimum Choices is known for

As owner of Optimum Choices, I am sorry for this poor customer service. I apologize to everyone that has experienced any of the above. Please forgive me—it was not because we do not value our good returning clients. Due to an accidental fall in June, 2012, in which I sustained a concussion, the resultant mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) temporarily left me with brain impairment. I have been unable to function as efficiently as before. My recovery has required treatment from more than 4 doctors (M.D., O.D., D.C., Ph.D.) and 4 therapists (occupational, cognitive, vision and bodywork therapy). Ironically, the very last e-newsletter I wrote in October 2012 (It Takes 9 Months/Weeks) discussed how long it takes certain parts of the body to heal. Based on my personal experience with the mTBI, I added another body part, the Brain. It can take the brain 6 months to 5-10-20+ years to heal from even a mild fall/accident and subsequent concussion (TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury).

Because of the mTBI I experience:

  1. Headaches and chronically tight neck and shoulder muscles

  2. Slow thought and information processing

  3. Easily distracted

  4. Short term memory issues

  5. Losing things (orders, messages, slips of paper)

  6. Inability to prioritize appropriately

  7. Extreme fatigue in the middle of the day requiring daily naps

  8. Emotional overload, anxiety, constant worry leading to depression and insomnia

In addition to the above mentioned medical treatment, I also take the following nutritional support:

  1. Prescribed amino acid supplements—NeuroReplete , N-Acetyl-1-Cysteine, Kavinace, Glycine and Amino Acid Base.

  2. BioSuperfood-f3—high in antioxidants (super nutrients) and Essential FattyBioSuperfood-f3 Acids (Omega oils) for the brain.

  3. Moxxor—high in Omega oils for the brain.

  4. NingXia Nitro—Chinese wolfberry juice concentrate improves mental fitness, cognitive alertness and physical acuity.

  5. ALPHA-G—polysaccharide peptide product.

  6. CBD oil— cannabidiol (CBD) oil made from a full spectrum hemp extract in the following two Bluebird Botanicals products:
    Hemp Classic— extracted industrial hemp abundant in naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, omega fatty acids, trace minerals and other beneficial components, emulsified in organic hemp seed oil.
    Hemp Brainpower Extract— a rapid + extended release CBD formula, originally developed by request for retired NFL players. Contains 250+ mg cannabinoids/oz), Astaxanthin, Helichrysum, MCT Oil and Hempseed Oil.

  7. MCT oil—as a stand-alone product, in MindWise (YLEO liquid brain serum) and in Hemp Brainpower (see above).

Even though I cannot confidently say I am 50% recovered, the good news is that I am making slow progress. All my doctors and therapists say that any progress is good news. The other good news is that I hired an Administrative Assistant to help me run Optimum Choices during this very challenging time. Michelle is now helping me process the high volume of orders from the incredible demand for our “wholistic” products. She is starting to focus on learning how our advanced nutritional products work so she can also help me answer all the support questions of why our whole food products work so well when doctors and vets have run out of options. See our Facebook page, Freedom From Illness, for testimonials.

BrainMild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Survivor's HandbookP.S. If you know of anyone who has had even a mild concussion, please send them to the non-profit organization Brain Injury Hope Foundation to purchase their booklet:
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Survivor's Handbook.
It literally saved my life and business. Make a donation before you need it.


New Video

Russell explains how we consider our pets as members of our family (furry children) on the YouTube channel:

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Pets are members
of our family


Beginnings of Holistic Pet Movement
by Russell Louie & Margaret Auld-Louie

We were recently asked when the holistic pet movement started. Russell has a unique perspective because he has lived a “wholistic” lifestyle for 60+ years. His answer is the holistic pet movement did not just recently start. Instead, we ended the practice of “wholistically” feeding our pets 50-60 years ago to honor the modern day needs of convenience and cheaper pet food. After seeing the ramifications on their health of feeding this cheaper processed pet food for 60 years, people are now going back to feeding “wholistically” what Nature intended our carnivorous pets to eat in the wild: pure meat.

When Russell was growing up in the 1950's, dogs routinely lived to be 15-20 years old and rarely got allergies, cancer, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, etc. It was not uncommon for a cat to live to be 20+ years old. Kidney disease and diabetes in cats was almost unheard of. Today’s statistics show the following:

  • Our Mikki, Chihuahua mixThe average life span of a Golden Retriever is only 7-8 years.

  • Vets consider some dog breeds senior at 10 years.

  • There is nearly a 50% chance of older pets getting cancer.

  • A Golden Retriever has a 63% chance of contracting cancer.

  • Cats routinely get Chronic Renal Failure (CRF or kidney disease), diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

By the 1960's, when Margaret was growing up, commercial pet food had become the accepted way to feed pets if you lived in suburbia. The dog she grew up with was fed grocery store dry kibble, Alpo canned food, Gaines-Burgers and Milk-Bone® treats. He died at the age of 11 from "old age hepatitis". The vet considered that to be a normal development for the dog's age.

Why has our pets’ health deteriorated? After World War II, Americans were riding a wave of affluence and benefits of industrialization of food production. 60 years ago people were still going to the butcher to buy meat scraps and raw meaty bones (frequently given free) for their pet. The first canned pet food was horse meat. Society objected to this source so manufacturers looked at using the wastes in human-grade meat production (parts unfit for human consumption such as intestines, udders, heads, hooves and possibly diseased animal parts). With more and more two-income NO dry kibble for our petshouseholds there was a demand for even cheaper more convenient pet food. At the same time, human food manufacturers were looking for a way to profitably get rid of their grains unfit for human consumptions (too old and moldy). Manufacturers combined the above two motives into dry kibble pet food. Today most large pet food companies are owned by human food manufacturing conglomerates. This trend satisfied the need for more convenient and cheaper pet food but what was the cost? From our "wholistic" perspective, dry kibble is the worst nutritional pet food one can feed a carnivorous pet. It is like feeding fruit- or vegetable-flavored cookies to your child and wondering why they are obese and diabetic after 10 years. Just look at the appalling health statistics above from feeding processed pet food.

Why is this trade-off of convenience and cheaper pet food suddenly unacceptable? One need only look at society’s changed value of pets. Here are the changes from survey results started 56 years ago to the following question:

Do you consider your pet(s) a part of your family?

  • 1957 = 43% answered "yes"

  • 2004 = 97% answered "yes"

When people consider pets members of the family, they start considering using the holistic health Margaret massaging happy dogoptions for their pets that became popular for people in the 1990's—healthy diet, acupuncture, herbs, supplements, bodywork, etc. In the past decade, there has been an explosion of interest in providing pets with the same holistic modalities and healthy diets that are available for people. It is now becoming mainstream, rather than an oddity, to treat a dog with acupuncture, massage or physical therapy, as well as feed a premium or raw food diet. People are becoming aware that the convenience of a commercial pet food diet can often result in poor health for their pet.

If you want your pet to live to be 15-20 years old and still be relatively healthy, feed what pet guardians fed before the advent of commercial pet foods—raw meat, organs and meaty bones (ideally Connie lived to be 21+ years oldfrom organic, pasture-raised animals). It is most important to feed a balanced meaty diet not just ground up muscle meat from the grocery store. To learn how to feed a balanced, “wholistic” diet read our e-Book Save Your Dog or Cat or go to our website and click the [Products/Books/Nutrition-Animal] green buttons to see the books we used to educate ourselves. Or click this link: www.OptimumChoices.com/nutrition-animal-books.htm
Our last cat lived to be 21+ years old, due in part to switching her to a raw diet.

Is feeding healthy, "wholistic" pet food expensive? If one waits until lab tests confirm a degenerative disease, the total cost to treat that disease will more than surpass any proactive holistic measures, such as improved diet and nutritional products given over the lifetime of your pet. Statistics show nearly 50% of natural deaths in older cats and dogs are attributed to cancer. An initial cancer diagnosis and lab tests could easily run $2-4,000. Together with ongoing cancer treatment, total medical bills could reach as much as $10,000. For an average 10 year old pet consider these questions based on the following calculation:

$83/month X 12 months X 10 years = $9,960

  • Do I feel confident my pet will be in the 50% that will not get cancer?

  • If I spend an extra $83/month over 10 years to keep my pet healthy rather than $10,000 on cancer treatment at the end, is this break even point worth it?.

  • Is allowing me to enjoy the companionship of my pet for 15-20 years (instead of 7-10 years for the average pet today) and still have my pet be relatively healthy worth an extra $83/month?

You be the judge as to what is appropriate and affordable for your pet(s). Next month we will discuss the beginnings of the holistic people movement.


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